I Royally Do – Official Chocolate Crunch Cake of the Royal Wedding!

Sliced Chocolate Crunch Cake

I’m fairly sure that I was born with an innate love of weddings.  At the age of two I had my own veil and one of my favourite games involved pretending either I was getting married, or my Barbie’s were.

Whilst I wasn’t around for the wedding of last century, that of Charles and Diana’s I did spend countless hours watching and re-watching a recording of the TV of Andrew and Fergie’s wedding.  With all this in mind, you can understand that I’m a wee-bit excited about the upcoming nuptials of HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton.

According to The Age Newspaper and Nigella Lawson the recipe below is that which will be used as the second wedding cake to be served at the royal wedding.

Royal Wedding – Chocolate Crunch Cake

  • 110G (4oz) ButterIngredients for Royal Chocolate Crunch Cake
  • 300G (10oz) Chocolate
  • 400G (14oz) Tin of Condensed Milk
  • 200G Rich Tea biscuits or Digestives or half a packet of each
  • 15 Glace Cherries (chopped in half)
  • 56G (2oz) Raisins/Sultanas
  • 50G Nuts (finally chopped)  *I used walnuts
  • Crush biscuitsBiscuit Crumbs
  • Add cherries, raisins/sultanas and crushed nuts to biscuit crumbs
  • Using a double boiler (bain-marie) gently melt butter with half the chocolate and the tin of condensed milkButter, Milk and Chocolate Mix Chocolate Mix 2Chocolate Mix 3
  • Pour chocolate mixture over biscuit mix and stir well until biscuits are well coatedComplete Mixture
  • Line a tin, basin or box with baking paper, pour in mixtureChocolate Crunch Cake in Tin
  • Freeze for at least two hours
  • Remove from freezer 2 hours prior to servingChocolate Crunch Cake - Post Freeze
  • Chocolate Crunch Cake - DecantedMelt remaining chocolate and spread over cake (soon after being removed from freezer)Chocolate Crunch Cake Covered with Chocolate
  • Sliced Chocolate Crunch Cake


Inspired by: The Age Newspaper

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