New Name, Same Great Tasty Content

After almost a year baking and writing I thought this blog needed a bit of a shake up in the form of a name change.

To Serve, With Love

For me, food is completely entangled with love.  the love of eating of course, but also the love, the care, the passion that goes into preparing food, especially when that food is for one’s extra special loved ones!  Appropriately, it was my number one loved one who gave me the idea for title.

Another play on the blog’s title is the fact that I am a teacher.  As a Humanities (History, Geography, Business Studies, SOSE)/English  teacher I spend everyday trying to encourage students to get excited about learning by providing support, enthusiasm and passion to the classroom.  For me there is nothing better than witnessing a student all of a sudden understand a key concept and the change in their approach to learning which often follows.  For me learning to love learning is the most important concept to learn of all.

Whilst I am by no means a cookery teacher or chef, I would love the opportunity to encourage others to become excited about cooking.  For me, just being able to be involved in other people developing their passion is an honour and a privilege.

Hope you will enjoy the name change and the content!

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