Strawberry Jam – A Little Jar of Joy

Strawberry Jam

A punnet of strawberries for $0.50!  How could I possibly have said no?  Armed with 6 250g punnets of strawberries, total price $3, approximate street value $12, I came home from the grocery store with a distinctive spring in my step, ready for an evening of jamming.

The most brilliant thing about making one’s own jam is that it sounds so impressive.  This is probably the fastest way to achieving ‘Domestic Goddess’ status amongst friends (especially if little jars of delightful jam end up in their happily excepting hands).  Better than the accolades is the simple truth known only by those Domestic Goddess makers of jam… it is beyond belief easy!

This little gem of a jam is no different.  To keep the cost of your jam down, consider saving small glass bottles or visit your local $2 shop or discount store where jars can be purchased for around $2.

Strawberry Jam

  • 1Kg Strawberries (washed, hulled and quartered)Strawberry Jam Ingredients
  • 500G Sugar
  • 500G Brown Sugar
  • 1/4C Lemon Juice (seeds retained)
  • 1Tbsp Water (warm)
  • 1 Vanilla Pod (split with seeds removed) *Instead of using a fresh vanilla pod, I used 2 pods who’s seeds had been removed-waste not want not
  • Place strawberries in non reactive bowl (glass is ideal for this) with sugars and lemon juiceStrawberriesStrawberries and SugarStrawberries, Sugar and Lemon Juice
  • Place reserved lemon seeds in another small bowl and cover with the 1Tbsp of warm water
  • Cover and leave both bowls overnight to infuseStrawberry Mixture The Next Day
  • Transfer strawberry mixture into a large pot, add vanilla pod
  • Strain lemon seeds and pour liquid into strawberry mixtureStraining Lemon Seeds
  • Heat mixture over low heat until sugar is melted
  • Increase heat to simmer
  • Skim foam as jam cooks, approximately 55 minutes
  • To test whether jam is set: place small saucer in the freezer.  Drop small amount of jam on cold saucer. Return saucer to the freezer and check in a few minutes.  If jam wrinkles when touched jam is ready
  • For directions on preparing jars please see Rhubarb Jam recipeStrawberry Jam


Inspiration from: The Australian Women’s Weekly

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