The Race That ‘Feeds’ A Nation – Melbourne Cup Filly-ing Favourites

For those living outside Australia, Melbourne Cup sounds more like a drinking receptacle than an entire city’s (and country’s) favourite Tuesday.  Known fondly as ‘The Race That Stops A Nation’, the Melbourne Cup is the most prestigious two-mile handicap horse race in the world.  The first Tuesday of November, for Melburnians it is also loved, for being a public holiday, an excuse to gamble and importantly an opportunity to eat!

For many,  Melbourne Cup is more about partying with an influx of good food and drink than the race.  Of those who head to the track, a good proportion never see a horse, some not making past the car park. This is Australia’s answer to tailgating.  No hot dogs and ball caps for us!  Car park parties are known for their beautiful dressed ladies and suited men, not to mention a well established tradition of delicate and devilishly tasty treats.

In our food-centric culture , Melbourne Cup has become the Race That ‘Feeds’ A Nation!

Here are a few of my top picks for your own Melbourne Cup celebrations!

Bitesize Jam MillefeuilleFig Cake

Sticky Date Cupcake with Caramel IcingChocolate and Marmalade Cakes

Flourless Chocolate CakeSliced Honey-Apple Cake


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