The True Meaning of Gift Giving Preserved: Jam and Chutney Favourites

Christmas shouldn’t be about going in to debt!  Take a step back in time and give gifts from the heart and the kitchen!

Today, preserves may not seem essential to daily life, however, historically speaking preserving food was of vital importance to ensuring that food was available all year.  Refrigerators may have reduced our reliance on canning and preserving food, however when it comes to flavour, nothing can surpass homemade preserves.  Further bonus of doing your own canning:

  • No hidden , preservatives or anything artificial
  • A great way of using homegrown produce or maximising fresh produce on special or passed its prime
  • Perfect presents for all

Here are some of my favourties so far!

Rhubarb JamFig Jam

Orange, Mandarin and Ginger MarmaladeStrawberry and Rhubarb Jam

Bottled Tomato Chutney
Rhubarb Jam  Fig Jam

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