Hot Chocolate Spoons – A Simply Sweet Gift

Decorated Hot Chocolate Spoons

There really is no recipe for this handy gift idea, simple dip a funky spoon in melted chocolate and decorate.  Simple, yet a very tasty treat!

Hot Chocolate Spoons

  • Melt chocolate either in the microwave or using a bain marie
  • Dip spoons into chocolateFirst Dip
  • Allow to harden
  • Repeat if desired
  • Decorate with your favourite decorationsHot Chocolate Spoons
  • Serve in warmed milk for a gentle chocolaty drink or in a normal strength hot chocolate for a truly indulgent treatDecorated Hot Chocolate SpoonsHot Chocolate Spoons DecoratedVintage Spoon Handle

Inspired By The ModCloth Blog

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3 Responses to Hot Chocolate Spoons – A Simply Sweet Gift

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  3. The pictures are really what makes this post. It’s funny that such a simple thing as an antique spoon dipped in chocolate can just be the cutest gift idea ever! Love it. Easy!

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