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Nectarine Jam – Preserve The Taste of Summer

Nothing can compare to the flavour of perfectly ripened nectarines at their peak… Until now! Capture the sweet flavours of summer with this beautifully easy and amazingly tasty jam! Continue reading

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Berry Easy – Berry Coulis

Coulis in BottleNever waste berries again! This simple and straightforward recipe will happy work with any berries you have. Feel free to very the amount of sugar used depending on the natural sweetness of the berries and your own preference. Continue reading

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Pumpkin Butter – The Ultimate Sweet Veg Spread

Curiously, Pumpkin Butter contains no butter. The consistency is similar to apple butter with a similar spiced, lightly sweetened flavour, Pumpkin Butter is ideal spread on toast for a ‘Holiday Season’ inspired breakfast treat. Continue reading

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