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5 Responses to Polls

  1. I thought you’d make a great “Cooking Spice” (Girl) – but I like “To Serve, With Love”, good one. I’ll have to try harder for a potato bake next time!

  2. What do you think of this one Scott? Spice and Nice…. Thoughts?

  3. Dave is one of my 10+ creatives I’ll be calling on, he just doesn’t know it :)
    If something comes of these ideas, I’d definitely accept some form of potato payment :)
    Here’s a quick list that may help spark something for you:

    Sugar and spice : naughty and nice,
    Something boiled, something stewed,
    Sugar meets spice,
    Icing on the Bake
    Spoon full of Spice
    New Spice
    Spice Trap
    Roll of the Spice
    Spice Girl
    Spice Versa
    Sweet Salt
    The Sugar Spice Fairy

    All I had time for.
    It would be nice to get the .com of what you choose too. Will look good on your business cards, email signatures billboard advertising etc.
    Hope the day job goes well today!!

  4. What a great business idea Scott – I LOVE it! Would also love the help! Do you accept payment in the form of baked goods?

  5. I like the Sugar and Spice concept, but not as a final name as it’s too ‘used’ already, needs a twist of lemon. I’ll see if I can take a moment to come up with some more options for you – after all, I have created this arm to my business, http://www.BrainwaveOrchard.com , which isn’t launched yet but will do just what your asking.

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