Chocolate Covered Ginger – The Perfect Mother’s Day Treat

There are many beautiful things which can be purchased online or from your local shopping centre, nothing however,  can compare to the homemade present.  Whether you’re looking for a treat for your mother, grandmother or another fabulous lady in your life why not spend a few minutes in the kitchen and create a treat that really says I Love You?

Chocolate Covered Ginger

  • 1 Bag (250g) Crystalised Ginger
  • 150g Good Quality Eating Chocolate (I used 100g Green & Black Organic 70% Dark Chocolate and 50g Green & Black Organic Milk Chocolate)
  • Raw Sugar to sprinkle
  • Carefully melt chocolate.  I know a microwave is quicker, however, I still prefer the control and gentle heat that can be produced using a double boiler on the stove
  • Coat ginger
  • Allow to harden for a couple minutes and sprinkle with raw sugar
  • Allow to continue hardening at room temperature
  • Package up beautifully and give to that very lovely lady in your life


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